Strategy Consulting Services

GMS contribution to H2 industry development

We accompany an evolving industry by getting adapted to each coming stage.

Hydrogen is the most promissing and greatest challenge for global society and energy industry.

Our team counts on Engineers specialized in Hydrogen technologies aiming to provide a solid and reliable support to our Customers, extensible to complete Hydrogen value chain and project entire maturity process.

GMS Strategy Consulting Services


Our activity includes:


  • Identification of suitable innovative technologies based on each Project specific conditions.

  • Outsourcing activities based on deep knowledge of international companies in the hydrogen market and new related developments in progress.  

  • Consolidated net of contacts around the globe.

  • Pilot Projects conception as a first contact to check specific results and alliance possibilities.

  • Search and evaluation of potential off-takers.

  • Deep evaluation of specific project conditions and potential in terms of site, utilities, available local resources, creation of energy communities, sectoral synergies…

  • Search of Local and/or national Public Finance Programs adequate to the nature of each project.

             Local partners profile needs to be carefully assessed in terms of:

                       – Technical added value depending on Project nature

                       – Relevant relationship with local Administration

                       – Potential employment of local manpower

Senior professionals with extensive expertise in the energy market supported

by dedicated specialized resources