How do we work

1- GMS identify international companies combining technical capabilities and competitiveness, aiming to bring added value tou our Customers.

This is an exhaustive search endorsed by our large expertise and deep market knowlegde.

Our Principals are carefully assessed in terms of:

  • Internacional previous references.
  • Financial capacity and flexibility to get adapted to those formulas and practices in force in our market:contract forms, general purchasing conditions,bank guarantees.
  • Building a firm bet on the Spanish market by ensuring a solid commitment to dedicate the necessary resources at each project stage, including its most preliminary phases:FEESs,feasibility studies,bid to bid,..

2- GMS accompanies our Principals in complex but essential steps: pre-qualification processes, portal registrations, platform handling…

 We guide our Principals throughout each bidding process, in order to get closer to our Customer expectations in terms of both technical and commercial.

GMS ensures, through a hand-by-hand work with our Principals, a suitable following up of each tender process.

3- GMS is offering to our Customers the very best options as a result of a highly focussed and clear search, combined with dedicated trial and checks of our Principal’s technical and commercial capacities to adequate and particularize our solutions to each Customer need and standard practice.

Commercial and contractual relationships are always held directly between Clients and Suppliers.