Hydrogen high pressure storage vessels




The working pressure is set to national requirements or customer’s demands such as 166 bar, 200 bar, or 250 bar.

The approvals of the jumbo tubes and skid frames follow international codes, or the designations of customers.


Ton tanks (Y-ton) are designed to deliver Ultra High Purity and ordinary industrial gases to semiconductor fabs, or any manufacturers who have demand for small quantity of gases.


Hydrogen tube trailers, supplied to hydrogen filling stations, are 40-foot or 32-foot integrated types and can be manufactured conforming to our customers’ national standards and various customer requirements.





Storage system for hydrogen filling stations

ASME H2 storage vessels are offered with high pressure (FP 500 bar) and ultra-high pressure (FP 875 bar) products to hydrogen filling stations and can be manufactured as two-stage or three-stage cascades.



Storage systems for hydrogen factory

These storage vessels are mainly used for charging stations, industrial factories and ships. Usually, three vessels of 1,300 liters for content volume are combined into one module. In the case of large storage stations, several modules can be installed together.


Bundle Type